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Contact Us (OSCEstop: a free, comprehensive source of notes for OSCE examinations at UK medical schools)
Feedback (OSCEstop: a free, comprehensive source of notes for OSCE examinations at UK medical schools)



About Us (OSCEstop: a free, comprehensive source of notes for OSCE examinations at UK medical schools)

OSCEstop Mission

OSCEstop is an organisation which aims to help medical students, junior doctors and other healthcare professionals across the world improve their clinical examination and practical skills. It contains continually updated notes on all of the essential skills in which junior doctors must be competent and detail on all of the stations likely to come up in OSCE examinations. OSCEstop hopes to help doctors to acquire and maintain the broad-knowledge of all of the practical skills they should know and be able to use regardless of the environment they commonly practice.

Founder, Director and Main Contributor

Dr Christopher Mansbridge MBChB (Hons) MRes (Dist) MRCP (UK) graduated Medicine with honours and distinction from The University of Manchester, UK. As a keen educator, he produced this site with an aim to provide an accurate source of comprehensive notes for undergraduates sitting OSCE examinations.



Dr Annabel Freeborough Bsc (Hons) MBChB MRCGP is a general practitioner with an interest in dermatology. She is a significant contributor to OSCEstop and has written a host of notes in dermatology, paediatrics and obstetrics and gynaecology.



Dr John Zachary MB BS FRCR is a retired consultant radiologist from Manchester. He runs regular radiology tutorials for The University of Manchester students. Dr Zachary has significantly contributed to the OSCEstop radiograph interpretation notes. He can be contacted at



Dr Philip Lewis BSc MB BS FRCP FRCP (Edin) is a consultant cardiologist and a renowned expert in the field of hypertension. Dr Lewis has been involved in the production of the cardiovascular sections of OSCEstop.



Dr Stephanie Killick is a Consultant in Palliative Medicine who has been involved in the production of the end of life care and treatment escalation notes.



Dr Declan Mcdonnell is a surgical registrar who has written and reviewed the surgical notes.



Mr Togay Koç BSc MBBS MSc MRCS is a senior trauma and orthopaedic registrar and has contributed to the fracture management sections of OSCEstop.


John Paul Bagala (Gulu University, Uganda) is the current president of the Federation of African Medical Students' Associations (FAMSA) and a medical student at Gulu University in Uganda. John Paul Bagala has been involved in advertising OSCEstop in Uganda. By serving medical students in such developing countries as well as developed ones, OSCEstop hopes to be a high quality free source of education available to students where other resources are limited.



Anita Sri (Imperial College London, UK) is one of the London representatives for OSCEstop.



Dr Ahmed Kamal (Arabian Gulf University, Bahrain) is former lecturer of clinical pharmacology from Sudan and currently working as a medical simulation instructor at Arabian Gulf University. He is a medical representative active in both Sudan and Bahrain.



Rodrigo Carvalho Gonçalves da Rocha BScPT MSc DO MD (University of Malta) is an Consultant Physiotherapist In Osteopathy and Musculoskeletal Medicine with further qualifications in anatomy and cell biology. He was a lecturer of anatomy at the University of Sao Paulo from 2001-2003. He is currently studying at the University of Malta and is a valued OSCEstop representative there.



John Mureithi (The University of Nairobi, Kenya) is the Kenya representative for OSCEstop.



Meb Walji and Mohamed Jawad Dungersi (Pharmacist Team Managers, Clinical Education, North West Anglia NHS Foundation Trust) are pharmacists who also works in medical education and are involved in regional programmes involving pharmacy education and the education of doctors.



Dr Syed Kashan Asghar (GP, Perth, Australia) is a GP who is the Perth representative for OSCEstop.



Hannah Matthiesson (Monash University, Melbourne, Australia) is a medical student from Melbourne, currently undertaking time in research.



Daveena  Meeks (King’s College London, UK) is a 4th year student and London OSCEstop representative.



Salwa El Shawish (United Arab Emirates) is the UAE representative for OSCEstop and a valued member of the team.



Rachel Lowther (University of Birmingham) is a physician associate trainee and loved the site. She is expanding the use of the site for physician associates around the UK.



Nahida Begum (University of Southampton, UK) is the Southampton OSCEstop representative.



Nidhi Sharma (The University of Dundee, UK) is a 4th year student from Dundee and is the OSCEstop representative there.



Eric Jou (University of Cambridge) is an MBPhD student from Cambridge and is the Cambridge OSCEstop representative.



Andrew Zhao (Warwick Medical School) is the Warwick representative.



Farhana Patel (University of Leicester) is the Leicester OSCEstop representative.



Matthew Bracchi (The University of Aberdeen, UK) is the Aberdeen representative for OSCEstop.



Jethishka Motee (Nanjing Medical University, China) is our major OSCEstop representative in China and Mauritius where an OSCE format is also used.



Thomas Bickerton (University of Buckingham) is the Buckingham representative for OSCEstop.



Henal Desai (Liverpool Univerity, UK) is a Liverpool representative.



Dr Ahmed Ahmed (University of Medical Sciences and Technology, Sudan) is a junior doctor from The Sudan and a keen OSCEstop representative.



Sharan Kannan (Lancaster Medical School) is the OSCEstop representative from Lancaster.



Siobhan Child (Cardiff Medical School) is a Cardiff OSCEstop representative.



Dr G Balachandran (Sri Manakula Vinayagar Medical College, India) is an associate professor with over three decades experience in radiology.



Amish Hafeez (Services Institute of Medical Sciences, Lahore, Pakistan) is our OSCEstop representative from Pakistan.



Ramila Radhakrishnan (Medical University Pleven, Bulgaria) is the representative in Bulgaria.



Reece Mearns (Deakin University, Geelong, Australia) is a former pharmacist and 4th year medical student. He is a representative and is editing the prescribing section of the site.



Dr Natalie Patagnan MD (De La Salle Health Sciences Institute, Philippines) is a keen OSCEstop representative from the Philippines.



Asim Khan Bmedsci (Barts and London School of Medicine and Dentistry, UK) is a final year student at Barts and The London School of Medicine and Dentistry. He has a degree in molecular therapeutics, and, in addition to being a London representative, Asim is becoming involved in creating viva notes for OSCEstop.



Zhong Goh (Griffith University, Brisbane, Australia) is the representative from Brisbane.



Mohamed Amer (St Georges Univerisity of London) is a 4th year student and London OSCEstop representative.



Jaidyn Muhandiramge (Monash University, Melbourne, Australia) is a medical student from Australia and the Melbourne representative.



Jake Melhuish (Norwich Medical School, UK) is president of the Norwich Medical Society and is a keen representative of OSCEstop.



Zichu Yang (Glasgow, Scotland) MBBS Msc MRSPH is originally from China but currently lives in Glasgow. He represents OSCEstop both locally in Glasgow and is also introducing it to his colleagues in China.



Robert Barbin (Griffith University, Brisbane, Australia) is one of the Australian representatives for OSCEstop and has been involved in reviewing the content with a focus on the relevance to Australian medical examinations, as well as site promotion.



Mehul Srivastava (Monash University, Melbourne, Australia) is a an Australian OSCEstop representative. She is involved in promotion and is thoroughly reviewing the content of the site.



Lily Hua (University of Edinburgh) is the Edinburgh representative for OSCEstop.



Ali Rezaee (Medical University of Warsaw, Poland) is the OSCEstop representative in Warsaw, Poland.



Hailey Carroll (Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland, Ireland) is a a representative for Ireland and the US. She is a graduate student from the United States, studying at an international medical school. Hailey has been a major representative involved in site promotion in these regions.



Juliyan Shan (Poznan University of Medical Sciences, Poland) is a representative for Polish medical schools. As a student at an international school, and class representative of his program, Juliyan has been able to raise awareness throughout Poland.



Saima Shah (Khyber Medical University, Peshawar, Pakistan) is a final-year medical student and representative in Pakistan.



Savanna Laura Harrison (Nottingham University, UK) is a Nottingham medical student who is a Nottingham representative for the OSCEstop site.



Erfan Masiha (Lancaster University, UK) is a final year student and OSCEstop representative.



Louise Davis (Newcastle University, UK) is a representative from Newcastle University.



Osman Altun MD (Stockholm, Sweden) used OSCEstop during his undergraduate medical studies and now raises awareness of OSCEstop in Sweden.



Kristopher Law (Queen’s University, Belfast) is a medical student with a keen interest in the role of education in medicine, and the representative from Belfast.



Radha Measuria (Liverpool, UK) is a junior doctor and Liverpool representative.



Sara Faily (The University of Manchester, UK) is a student from The University of Manchester and is a Manchester OSCEstop representative.



Bethan Chorley Bsc (Cardiff University, UK) is the Cardiff representative for OSCEstop.



Ashwin Balu (Liverpool University, UK) is a student from The University of Liverpool and is a Liverpool representative for OSCEstop.



Mr Peter Coe Bsc (Hons) MBChB MRCS is a clinical research fellow from Christies NHS Trust in Manchester. He has written surgical notes for OSCEstop including detailed notes on post-operative complications, an important topic for surgical finals and foundation officers.



Dr Adriana Basarab MBChB MRCP DTM+H MSC FRCPath is a consultant in medical microbiology and virology, with a special interest in surgical infection, infections in immuno-compromised patients, and antimicrobial management. She has reviewed and adapted the antibiotics pages of OSCEstop.



Dr Lucy O’Connor MBChB (Hons) MRes (Dist) is an academic doctor from London, UK. She has contributed to a variety of notes throughout



Dr Kellie Bateman from Bristol has written the OSCEstop notes on inhaler techniques, domestic violence, emergency contraception, falls risk assessment, collateral histories, spirometry, urine and CSF analysis and chest drain management. She has contributed to the overall format of the site.



Dr Nazera Dodia MBChB has thoroughly reviewed the OSCEstop acute management notes to ensure they are in line with current evidence. She has also written the viva notes on rheumatoid arthritis, OA, ankylosing spondylitis and gout.



Dr Joanna Higgins is a senior orthopaedic registrar who has reviewed all of the orthopaedic notes.



Dr Frederick Speyer is a paediatric specialist with an interest in medical education. He has contributed to the paediatric notes.



Dr Nicholas Farmer is a core surgical trainee and qualified physiotherapist who has contributed significantly to the orthopaedic notes.



Dr Hannah Sinclair is a cardiology registrar who has edited the cardiology notes throughout the site.



Mrs Abigail Mezzullo is a senior pharmacist who has been involved with the prescribing notes.

Content editor

Dr Alexander Suebsaeng MBBS is a junior doctor with experience in writing and publishing. He has been a key contributor to OSCEstop and has been an editor since December 2017.


Doctors Beyond Medicine (Southern and Eastern Africa) is a non-governmental organisation that collaborated with OSCEstop to aid in their study course for integrated and functional medical practitioners who will be working in the field in extreme areas where there is currently no medical assistance.



Dr DI Shah MBBS (Rajsthan University, India) is a keen collaborator with OSCEstop. Together, we provide notes and resources to provide a source of non-profit education for health workers in the rural and remote area of Rajasthan in India, where there is no good teaching infrastructure or freely available materials.



Karelyn Douglas (Queensland Health, Australia) is nurse educator from rural Queensland. She is part of a non-profit governmental organisation and in conjunction with OSCEstop, publishes content on trauma and plaster casts to educate rural nurses, doctors and other healthcare workers in basic trauma.



Ali Ebrahimi & Shadi Izadi (Tehran University of Medical Sciences, Iran) are pharmacists as part of a student charity linked to an NGO in Iran who use OSCEstop resources to train community pharmacists. They have translated a host of notes into Persian to allow wider availability in rural areas.